Island Sanctuary

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I had wanted to build an exterior nocturnal scene for a long time, and this environment proved to be the perfect opportunity. It was modeled with 3DS Max and Z-Brush, and textured with Photoshop and Crazybump. The whole scene is assembled in UDK, and is a fully traversable level from the bottom shore of the mountain the top of the shrine.

The Skybox, water shaders and particle effects for smoke, steam and fire are property of Epic Games, Inc.

The idea behind this environment is a solitary island that houses an ancient shrine on top, whose glowing rune monoliths act as a barrier against curious intruders, and the crystal in the center acts as a barrier for the monstrosity that lurks inside. This island is a jail. And judging by the state of the shrine, whatever is sealed inside is about to break free…


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